Five Questions with

Ben Dorcy

Q: Who was/is your favorite performer?
A: Hank Thompson was my favorite. Right now it’s Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen and Cody Canada. wade2 Q: What’s your favorite joke?
A: I haven’t got one right now. Willie hasn’t told me one lately. 249707_117166801701399_102776_n Q: What’s your best Johnny Cash story?
A: Can’t elaborate much, but the one where he shoots out the tires. We were at a service station in Encino, CA…

Q: How did you get the nickname Lovey?
A: Poodie gave me that name.

Q: Do you have a favorite song?
A: Hell Yeah, “On the Road Again!”

Fitting, very fitting!! lovey

We’ll see you all at the 3rd Annual Ben Dorcy Day on Sunday, February 22nd! Many of the BIGGEST names in the Texas/Red Dirt scene will be sharing stories & songs in tribute to “Lovey”, you don’t want to miss it!!