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5 Questions with

Gary Allan

– When does the new single and Album come out?

We just finished the album and played the first few things for the label within the last few weeks.  As of right now, we don’t have a set date for the first single or the album.  I would hope to have the first single out in the spring, but right now we are still in the planning process for everything.  I’m excited to get new music out though.  It has been a while and I’m ready to start adding new songs into the mix.


– Is there anything about a show, such as location, crowd type, venue, etc., that makes performing at certain concerts even more special to you?

When the crowd is into the show, that is what makes it for me.  I feed off of the crowd’s enthusiasm.  The more they sing the lyrics back and get excited, the more amped up the band and I get. 


– I think it’s safe to say Floore’s is a favorite place to play in South Texas, right? Do you venture out into town while you’re here? Have a favorite place to eat, any neat places you’ve found to take Lucy?

I’m from California, but I have always felt at home in Texas and Floore’s is definitely one of my favorite places to play.  Unfortunately we don’t always get much time to just hang out, but we always love coming to play Floore’s.


– How does GA spend his time out the eyes of his fans? What is your favorite way to pass the time when you’re not on tour?

I try to golf every day that I can, even when we are on the road.  During the summer, I also spend a lot of time on the lake.  My kids and I are into wake surfing and paddle boarding.   A few times a year, I will try and get away somewhere and do some real surfing as well.  That usually means going back to Orange County, Hawaii, Mexico, or Costa Rica.  Those are some of my favorite surf spots.


– Who was your biggest inspiration to get into the music business?

My biggest inspiration was definitely my Dad.  I started playing music with him when I was young and he always encouraged me that I could do this for a living.  He made me believe in myself and made sure that I discovered my own voice.  I’m not sure if I would be doing this today if it was not for him. 


Gary Allan Returns to Floore’s on Saturday, March 14th!
Tickets are available now!